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THE VISIONARY : Who will be on the 4th Volume Cover ? 

1 deviant said Shikei Utsueiri (Shinigami - Captain of the 9th)
No deviants said Emila De Meuron - Lia (Arrancar)
No deviants said Vegnola De Meuron - Nola (Arrancar)
No deviants said Nimaijita (Unknown)
No deviants said Kurasa Shinku (Shinigami)
No deviants said Shiro Morimoto (Shinigami - Vice-Captain of the 7th)
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Attack of the supreme melon-lord!
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BLEACHrebor, chapter 26, TOMORROW!
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THE VISIONARY : Who will be on the 4th Volume Cover ?
1 deviant said Shikei Utsueiri (Shinigami - Captain of the 9th)
No deviants said Emila De Meuron - Lia (Arrancar)
No deviants said Vegnola De Meuron - Nola (Arrancar)
No deviants said Nimaijita (Unknown)
No deviants said Kurasa Shinku (Shinigami)
No deviants said Shiro Morimoto (Shinigami - Vice-Captain of the 7th)
No deviants said Hôka Emba (Unknown)
No deviants said Nanao Ise (Shinigami - Vice-Captain of the 8th)
No deviants said Other (Comment)
Bleachreborn chapter35. Revenge by SKurasa
Bleachreborn chapter35. Revenge


Shikei moved forward to get closer of them. 

            -  Answer me. Do you want to die now or struggle for your life.

The sisters weren't answering. Didn't they wanted to answer or simply they couldn't, no one knows. Though, the result was the same, no answer was given. It easily pissed of Shikei.

            - I'll take that as a wish to die !

With a simple swing of his sword, Shikei horizontally cut down the both orbs as the ones in. Blood was gushing in abundance from the cuts in their belly.

            - UUUUHAAHHH !
            - URGH !!

Both of them felt to the ground in a pool of their own blood. They could barely move. Unfortunately for them, Shikei could totally move.

            - It's over. At least, let me act as a Shinigami and purify your soul.

At those words, Shikei pointed the tip of his blade at Nola's neck who couldn't move at all, almost unconscious.

            - ?!

Though, Lia didn't let him do. She grabbed her ankle. She already knew she couldn't do anything, but she wanted to try.

            - R-Run … Away … Nola !

Half of Lia's face was covered in blood and her whole body was shaking. Still, she had the desire to protect Nola. Shikei didn't have pity though. He grabbed Lia's hair and lifted her up in the air.

            - Oh ? Playing the Hero ? I wonder if you would have do the same when she killed my Vice-Captain before.
            - W-What ?!

Lia, even more than Shikei, seemed surprised.

            - Hmph, whatever. 

Shikei tossed Lia higher in the air. When she fell down, Shikei violently kicked her, making her crash in the rubble.

            - Really. It's been year since I haven't fought against a Hollow. Against anyone actually. I would like this to stay like this but … 

Shikei looked behind him to see Nola, still inert.

            - … How could I let Matsunami's killer live ? It's a golden rule. When someone attacks … This person should be ready to a counter-attack.

Shikei lifted up his Zanpakuto at the waist-level while walking toward Nola.

            - What a shame to have to do this. Farewe-
            - STOP !

This voice wasn't Lia's one. It wasn't either a girl's one. At the same time, a shape appeared from the smoke and the rubble. It looked like a man.

            - Who the hell are you ?
            - He ! I'm those Damsel in Distress's hero ! The only-one, the famous ! The "Hot-Tempered", Hôka !

Hôka was now standing a few meters away from Shikei. No worried or even scared, his smile was showing how calm he could be.

            - Could you please get away of them Captain-San ?
            - I'm scared it won't be possible …

Meanwhile, at Soul Society

Shiro and all the Rescue Team arrived about 15 minutes ago. Shiro actually was facing the Captain-Commander to conclude his report.

            - So … You're telling us Shinoda Matsunami's body was missing ? Vice-Captain Nanao, do you have any explaination ?
            - Unfortunately, Captain-Commander, I have none. Except us, the historic of the 3 few days shows no sign of any Shinigami taking the Senkaimon. So the percentage of a traitor is at its lowest. Besides, according the the previous report or Vice-Captain Morimoto, Vice-Captain Shinoda should have enough Reiatsu left. In normal circumstances, her conditions would have her be unconscious though no human could still see her. It needs at least the lost of 85% of Reiatsu for a Shinigami to be seen by Humans.
            - So … She simply vanished in the thin air without any explication … Is that right ?
            - Yes, Captain-Commander. Though I'm pretty sure that, thanks to Captain-Kurotsuchi, we'll find a clue or anything else.
            - I see … And … Vice-Captain Morimoto. 

Shiro took a step to be in front of the Captain-Commander.

            - Yes, Captain-Commander ?
            - Any details about the Captain Usueiri ?
            - No Captain-Commander. In the middle of the battle with the Hollows, he disappeared. We still don't know where he is right now.
            - I see … Then, let him be, I'll let him have 24 hours to contact us by any way. For now, the priority is to find someone able to replace, even at short-terms, Shinoda Matsunami as a Vice-Captain.
            - W-Wait ! Captain-Commander we can't d-
            - We can't let the Gotei 13 being weakened ! For this reason, an Election to the post of Vice-Captain of the 9th Division will be done. One week is what will be needed.

At the same time in Human World

            - Here we are.
            - It was SO~ long ! We finally arrived !

Nimaijita and I both landed on the ground. Our trip between the two worlds was over.

            - Your house is in this direction. About 1400 meters to north-west.
            - O-Oh ? Th-Thanks ! But how do you kno-
            - I got to go. Goodbye young Shinigami.

I slightly smiled while hearing that.

            - Ah ! It's more of a farewell uh ?
            - Yeah … Let's hope it's a farewell.

She then used the Shunpo to disappear out of my sight. I then did the same and slowly walked to my house. I had all my time to rest now.

Meanwhile in Hueco Mundo

            - And I'm afraid I can't let you torture them any longer, sorry.

Hôka kept his smile. It looked like he was mocking his opponent, though he clearly wasn't.

            - Ahh ! Really, what are you ? The guardian of this place or something ?

Shikei made one step. Two step. He was coming closer of Hôka while lifting his Zanpakuto.

            - Maybe, who knows.
            - I don't want to do that, but maybe I could avoid to kill you, what about cut off your two legs or arms ?
            - Well, why don't you try, Captain-San ?

Shikei immediately rushed at Hôka while swinging his blade. He was aiming for a decisive blow. However, Hôka quickly, yet slightly, tap on a boulder to his side.

            - HMPH !

Reiatsu has emanated from the boulder at the same times as some micro-lightning. While the boulder glowed incandescent, its shapes quickly shifted to form some kind of Staff.

            - What is that ?

Both the blade and the staff collided. The strenght of the two opponents was so big that this collision alone was enough to create a huge shockwave.

            - Hm ? What's that matter Captain-San ?

Both of them stepped back before running at each other once again. 

            - What did you do right now ?

Blows were exchanging at a good pace. Be their feet, their arms, their weapons, anything was just moving too fast to be seen.

            - Eh, I merely changed the shape of this rock so I can defend myself !

Though, for them, it was an usual thing. They could speak, think and fight without any problem.

            - Oh ? I heard some Arrancar can use some weird abilities without even being released, is that the case ?

The continuous shock waves made the whole pillar cracking more and more every seconds.

            - Though, I don't see any mask or hollow hole … Maybe are you a forgotten Quincy ? One of those Sternritter ?

And finally, the pillar collapsed under such a power. Though, it didn't seem to disturb them. Even while falling, they still were exchanging blow with no-one taking the advantage.

            - Sternritter S maybe ? The Shape-sifter ? Who knows …

Shikei violently swung his blade.

            - Haha yes, who knows ?

Hôka did the same with the staff. A gigantic shockwave, far bigger than before was made while they finally lander on the sand.

            - You're pretty strong …
            - You too, Captain-san !
            - Though …

Shikei lifted his Zanpakuto above his head.

            - You're still need  to improve your abilities with a staff !

He then violently swing his blade downwards. Hôka instantly put his staff horizontally to protect himself. But it didn't last long. With this blow alone, the staff was immediately split down. With this blow alone, a huge wall of dust was made.

            - It's over …
            - Still not !

Hôka did spin the two split part of his staff on each hand before cross-sticking them into the sand, on Shikei's blade. 

            - W-What ?!

Shikei's Zanpakuto now was blocked between the sand and the two sticks crossing above it. 

            - You're right, I'm not that good with staff.

Hôka grabbed Shikei's Shoulder with his left hand while he clenched his right fist. A intense glow emerged from his fist, as a tiny-sun.  

            - I'm better with explosions !

The last vision of Shikei was Hôka's smile. Right after, Hôka punched him really hard in the stomach, sending his fly meters away. But he didn't even have the time to touch the ground, a explosion of a few thousands-meters diameter occured. It blown away anything in its way.

            - …

Hôka looked at the horizons the see that wonderful show made of fire and flames. He then turned back to look at the the two Arrancar-Sisters.

            - I see, that's pretty dangerous …
            - !

Hearing those words, Hôka quickly turned back to see a shape coming from the dust.

            - You're not an Arrancar or a Quincy … You're just a left-over.

Shikei came out of the dust, slightly hurt. His whole Haori was torn-out while his forehead was bleeding.

            - You're a Fullbringer.

Hôka smiled with looking at the Captain.

            - Eh ! Call me whatever you want !

BLEACH OC. Fan Story. SKurasa
Haha! DeviantArt, high as fuck, thinking he's Twitter!
Anyway, currently am working on the 13 Vice-Captains of my Gotei13, what a job!
Also, Sunday, new Poll!
See ya watchers!
BLEACHreborn chapter34.  Giants touch the Ground. by SKurasa
BLEACHreborn chapter34. Giants touch the Ground.
            - O-Oi ! Nimaijita-san ! Aren't we far enough ?
            - …

It has been about twenty minutes since we started running away. Nimaijita stopped right before me.

            - Yeah. I suppose that's good enough, I didn't sense anyone following us.
            - Anyway, why did you run away ? I mean … You were strong enough to beat those two without any problem.

Nimaijita quickly looked me before speaking.

            - Do you know the Espada ?
            – Espada ? What's that ? Is that the name they give to their Zanpakuto ?!
            – No, that's not it, you're far from the truth. The Espada is a group of ten warriors. Ten Arrancars.
            - And so … If they would have followed us, it'd have been bad … Right ?
            - Yes. Even more than you could think. You clearly couldn't beat one. And I couldn't protect you while fight one. That's why I wanted to run away of the battlefield.

Nimaijita then lifted her hand to slightly tap into the air. 

            - I see … It does make sense then …

A crack appeared from nowhere in front of us, open some kind of door. The same as Rudacreiss opened when we first came here.

            - W-What... ?!
            - That's a Garganta. Hollows & Arrancar use this to go through their world and the Human one.
            - B-But then … Doesn't that mean th-
            - Let's go, we're not safe here.

Nimaijita then grabbed my Shihakusho to jump in the Garganta, before this one closing.

At the same time, a few kilometers away.

            - D-Damn … This Nimaijita-girl … I sure won't … Forgive her …
            - Calm down …

Thanks to Hierro acting like an armor, Nola & Lia just were knocked for a few minutes. For this reason, during the ten minutes left during which Nimaijita & I fled, Nola & Lia took a rest. In less than ten minutes, the Arrancar-Sisters managed to go back to their barrack to, somewhat, heal themselves. 

            - H... He ! It usually is this crazy doctor that heal us … But this Shinigami killed him before leaving … SHIT !
            - I TOLD YOU TO CALM DOWN ! LIA !!

Both of them we're in pretty bad state. Physically and Mentally. 

            - We did play with them … Our defeat is our fault … 
            - Nee-chan …
            - Actually … We should be happy to still be alive … They didn't came to kill us …

Suddenly, an immense pressure could be felt at the barracks. The second following, all the roof, such as many walls, were destroyed. Blown away.

            - Yeah, you're right. You were lucky. 

A shape appeared on the top of one of the destroyed walls. 

            - But this luck ends over here. 

A long white cloak with large sleeves. A black kimono. A blade at the belt. And a burning red mohawk contrasting with a scar on the right-bottom part of the face.

            - I'm here to kill you.

Meanwhile, in the Human-world.

            - So … Vice-Captain Shiro ? What do you intend to do ?
            - …

Each of the six left fighters were gathered in the front door of my house.

            - I don't worry for Captain-Shikei. He's stronger than anyone. If he's not there,  he should have a reason. Though … It'll be up to him to explain that to the Captain-Commander …

Nanao interrupted Shiro.

            - I do think the same for Captain-Shikei. But what about the main goal of our mission ?
            - I did spend a few weeks in this place. Though it's sometimes under Hollow's attack … It's pretty rare. Back then, they were almost ten. It's because of our group. We were like bait.

Fune then started to speak.

            - So … Us being here could be saw as a threat … ?
            - … Somewhat yeah. The more we'll be here … The more Hollows there will be. And it could be dangerous for both Humans & Spirits.
            - And for this reason, us being here, without any clue, will be useless AND dangerous for them, right ?
            - You're right Vice-Captain Nanao. So, for the moment, the Rescue Team will go back at Soul Society to report what we saw. Fune, open a Senkaimon please.

At those word, she quickly took her Zanpakuto to use it as a Key. A door appeared from nowhere, opening right before them.

            - Let's go.

Then, they vanished. Meanwhile, Nimaijita & I still were in the Garganta.
            - Oi Shiro …
            - Yeah, Kyôren-senpai ?
            - Are you sure that it was a good idea to let Captain-Shikei ? I mean … We didn't even try to find him.

Shiro took a quick glance at Kyôren.

            - Haha ! You shouldn't worry ! After all… Nobody can defeat Captain-Shikei … 

At the same time, in Hueco Mundo. 

            - AH ! AHHHH ! AH !
            - Run Lia ! 

Nola used Cero on Shikei but this one didn't even landed. Shikei instantly appeared behind Nola quickly hitting her in the neck, sending her flying away in the rubble.

            - NOLA !!

Lia instantly jumped on Shikei. But this one didn't even have to turn back to face Lia. With a large swing of his left arm, he violently hit Lia's stomach with his elbow.

            - U-Uargh !

Lia fell to the ground, coughing up blood.

            - Hmph …

Shikei then grabbed Lia's hair to toss her up on Nola. His hands joined while he was building up Reiatsu.

            - Bakudô # 18, Jirijiri Rokuwa (じりじり六輪, Six Torrid Rings)

Six rings appeared on Both Nola & Lia. One above. One under. One before. One behind. One to the left & One to right. With the six rings suddenly shining bright, an orb acting as a barrier emerged around each sisters.

            - Well, now that you're trapped, let me think …

Shikei slowly walked to be a few steps away of them.

            - Should I take you as prisoners … Or should I kill you ?!

BLEACH OC. Fan Story. SKurasa
BLEACHreborn chapter33. RescueTeam02[The Missings] by SKurasa
BLEACHreborn chapter33. RescueTeam02[The Missings]

Nimaijita helped me to stand up.

            - First of all, we should get out of here as fast as possible. We did far too much noise, other Arrancars and Hollows have probably located us.
            - Y-Yeah. Let' hurry !

She took me on her back and instantly used Shunpo to move away from this place.

            - W-Where are we going ?!
            - As far as possible from this place.

Meanwhile, in Human World.

            - Finally, we arrived !
            - It was longer than expected, Vice-Captain Morimoto.
            - Yeah I know, sorry Ikana. Anyway, here we are.

The seven Shinigamis finally landed on Human Realm. They were a few kilometers away from my House. Where Matsunami was seen the last time.

            - Let's enter in the Fight-Position # 38, Formation 2-3-2.

The second following, Ikana & Kyôren took the lead of the group by going in front of the formation. Behind them was Jiro, Shiro & Nanao in the middle. And finally, at the bottom of the formation there was Shikei and Fune.

            - Why such a formation, Vice-Captain Morimoto ?
            - Hm ? Captain ? Oh that's pretty simple !

Before going, Shiro explained why they were placed this way.

            - Simply put, Ikana & Kyôren are among the best melee fighters of the Team, except you, of course. No matter how fast or strong the opponent could be, if it comes from front, they sure will block it's progress. Then, Fune & you are placed behind for the same reason more or less. Except, enemies coming from behind could use stealth assault. That's why you're behind. Despite Fune being a good Close-Combat fighter, she probably be slower than you to react in someone should come from behind. 
            - I see … And what about you three ?
            - My Zanpakuto can manipulate the Wind, so, even in the middle, I could use mid-ranged attacks from both sides. Jiro's Zanpakuto sure could be useful, from the moment the enemy is located. And on her side,Nanao simply is the best, with long-ranged Kidô. As for Jiro, as long as the enemy is in our aim, she sure can both protect and attack us thanks to Kidô.
            - Ah, not bad, you're a pretty good Warlord. Though it's a pretty simple strategy, it has 99% of chance to works.

Fune, hearing that, wondered and asked Shikai why such a number.

            - 99 …% ? Why not 100% ?
            - The 1% remaining would be in the case … An opponent stronger than me would appear. It would probably break away all this strategy. Don't you think so, Shiro ?
            - … Yeah, but let's be honest … It's almost impossible, Haha

Shikei smiled at those words. 

            - Haha … Yeah, that's right. Well …
            - Let's go !

Following the Formation # 38, they all used Shunpo to go the aimed place.

5 minutes later. Shibuya. 

            - Here we are.
            - This is a cheap-looking house... This Kurasa-Dude must be a real punk !
            - Shut up, Ikana ! I won't let you speak of him like that.
            - I can't express my own opinion ... ? So uptiiiight~

Each of them slowly approached my house.

            - We don't have a second to lose. Nanao, Kyôren & Ikana will go the the place where Matsunami fought. Meanwhile, Fune, Jiro & I will take a look at Matsunami up there. Captain-Shikei, please try to find as much                as possible to clues to help us ! 
            - … Yeah, no worries.

A few minutes later, everyone took place. There now was 3 teams. The Mini Rescue-Team, the Investigators-Team and the Patrol-Team.

At the Mini-Rescue-Team's location.

            -W-What ? How ?!
            - What's happening Vice-Captain Morimoto ?

The three of them were in my chamber. Shiro was in front of my bed.

            - Vanished … Matsunami Vanished … 

They now were in front of my bed, were Matsunami should normally be. Although, she wasn't. 

            - I'm pretty sure she was here last time …  And her state clearly didn't allow her to move or even awaken during at least 10 more days... But …
            - She's not there … 
            - Someone or something … Took Matsunami …

At the same times, multiple roars resounded in the neighborhood.

At the Investigators-Team's location, 5 minutes before.

            - Well, Vice-Captain Nanao ? Something interesting ?
            - Honestly … No. There's nothing but Matsunami's blood. No Reiatsu, no hair or skin, nothing that could led us to the opponent … 
            - DAAMMMNNN ! I got hauled over here for nothing ? I really wanted to slaughter some opponents today !

The same roars could be heard from here.

            - Hey, looks like you'll be happy, Ikana !
            - Haha ! Finally !

Both teams went to the place were the roars came from. There was here, a dozen of Hollows in all the neighborhood. There was also a few corpses of Living People and Spirits engulfed by their own blood.

            - Oh so you're here. Nice timing, let's kill those bastards.
            - YEAAHHH ! 

Each of them jumped to take care of the beasts. Shiro was confronting two Hollows.

            - I don't have time to lose for such losers, Tsubasa Hirogaru, Kagentsuru (翼.ひろがる,風限界鶴 - Spread your wing, Wind Bound Crane)

Shiro's sword slowly took the form of a long black staff. 

            - Die.  

Quick winds surrounded the staff while Shiro swung it toward the two Hollows, tearing them apart as a sheet of paper. 

            - Hmm …

Meanwhile, Ikana was against one Hollow.

            - What ? Is that a joke ? There's no way I could have fun with such a pathetic hollow!

The Spider-Like Hollow tried to impale Ikana. However she blocked her blow bare-handed relatively easily. With a jerk of her arm, she tore it apart before appearing on the Hollow's head with her both hands digging into his mask.

            - Ahhh, too bad though ...

She then split his head wide open to finally land of the ground with the blood of the Hollow gushing on her. At the same time, Fune & Nanao were facing a Hollow together.

            - Let's end this quick, its face alone is disgusting me.
            - Yeah … Haganukeru, Samekiba (歯が抜ける, 鮫牙 – Extract a tooth, Shark Fang)

Fune's sword suddenly changed in a almost two meters long, double edged, sword with Sawtooth on each sides, almost hand-size.

            - Bakudo # 4, Hainawa (這縄, Crawling Rope)

A Reishi rope surrounded the Hollow. The second after, Fune jumped above it before violently swinging her Zanpakuto to chop it from head to toe.

            - Next ! …

Meanwhile, Jiro was facing a Hollow on his side. 

            - My my, it looks like I won't even be able to use it with everyone surrounding me … 

Using Shunpo, Jiro appeared behind the Hollow with its both leg in his hands.

            - Is that yours ? 

A sadistic smile appeared on Jiro's face while he was walking in the Hollow direction.

            - Let me shorten your pain...

He jabbed his sword many times in the Hollow's face before finally splitting it in half.

            - Goodbye~

Not so far away, Kyôren was against two Hollows, surrounded by them.

            - Everyone has already killed their opponent ? Damn, they're fast 

With his left hand, he took out his Zanpakuto while his right hand took a knife placed on his left arm.

            - Sakarau, Tekisha ! (逆らう, 適者 – To rebel, Survival of the Fittest)

The sword now was surrounded by a layer of Reishi, forming a longer blade, while their was another blade made of Reishi on the knife, making it a double-sided knife.

            - Ready ? DIE !

Kyôren launched the Knife toward the both Hollow's head as a boomerange, beheading them.

            - Tch. Too easy.

A few minutes later, everyone regrouped.

            - Is everyone alright ? Everyone killed their opponents ?
            - Sure.
            - No problem.
            - It was boring ...

Shiro smiled.

            - Fine … However … Our mission failed.
            - What ?! What do you mean ?!

Shiro took a long breath before speaking.

            - Well … We didn't find any clue and … Matsunami is missing …

Kyôren took a look around and then spoke.

            - And she's not the only one. Captain-Shikei's too.
            - What ? Why now ?!

Meanwhile, at Hueco Mundo.

            - I'll never thank enough Onnarika to open me a portal. I should take a drink with her as soon as I'm home.

Shikei now had his both feet on Hueco Mundo's sand. 

            - Get ready, Arrancars … Hunters will now be hunted … !

BLEACH OC. Fan Story. SKurasa


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Commissioner : mac-cheese13
Commission : Sketch

5th slot
Commissioner : Zanpakuto-Leader
Commission : 

6th slot
Commissioner : ziginz
Commission : Colored Sketch - Waist Up

7th slot
Commissioner : SentanaBentara
Commission : Colored Sketch - Waist Up

8th slot
Commissioner : LadyLifdis 
Commission :


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KageandYuki Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Awesome work! How you do those speach bubbles?
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davidtheotaku Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2014
What art program do you use? and is it free to download?
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darkutb Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer
Ca faisait un moment que je n'étais pas passé, je ne me souviens pas te l'avoir déjà dit, mais tes dessins sont superbes ! Continu de nous enchanter ! ^^
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Perfumedoll Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2014
Thank you for the fave :3
Perfumedoll Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2014
Thank you for the watch :3
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