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Reader's Corner : Is BLEACHreborn's story still interesting so far ? (Please comment to Justify) 

4 deviants said Yes it is.
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Reader's Corner : Is BLEACHreborn's story still interesting so far ? (Please comment to Justify)
4 deviants said Yes it is.
1 deviant said Not bad but could be better.
1 deviant said It's getting annoying.
No deviants said Other.
BLEACHreborn chapter37. No Near Peaceful by SKurasa
BLEACHreborn chapter37. No Near Peaceful

Shibuya. 14th of February.

A total of three days has passed since I came back at home. It appeared that I slept all throughout the 1st day though. The two following days were nothing but the average day, with pouring rain. Today was a sunny day. But it wasn't hot out there, it still was better than before.

            - U-UWAAHHHH!

I was stretching my limb. The light coming from the window was gently tickling my face.

            - What should we do today … Sleep ?
            - NO ! Ku-chan, you rested enough those days ! Let's enjoy the sun !

Hinode still was at home. She said that, as long as my mother isn't back, she won't go away because this house needed "A mature woman."

            - Ok ok ! Calm down !
            - Can I come too ? 

Hinata was here too. 

            - You can't, Hinata.
            - But, big br-
            - You have homework to do, dumbass.

Hinata now was sulking hearing those words. Gladly, Hinode was here to remedy to this situation.

            - Here, here. I have an idea Hinata.
            - Y-Yes ?

Gently putting her hand on Hinata's head, Hinode smiled.

            - Let's have a deal ! While I'm going to the market with Ku-chan to buy food, you'll do your homeworks.
            - And~ ?
            - And then, when I'll be back, if your homeworks are done, we'll go together to the park and I'll buy you Icecream, Ok ?
            - R-Really ? You're the best Big-Sis Hinode !
            -Yes, yes, really ! 

The sun looked ridiculous in comparison with those two for a short moment. Their smile was even brighter that the sun itself. Somewhat, I missed them during my trip in Hueco Mundo.

            - Well, Ku-chan, let's go !
            - Yep~ Take care of yourself, Hinata, we'll be back soon.
            - Sure~ ! Don't forget cookies !

I slowly was closing the door behind me, hiding the last rays of light coming into the house.

            - Sure I won't~!

The whole day was a calm one. Once again, it could be called an "Average Day." Nothing happened. We just did go to the closest Supermarket. We took enough to eat for about one or two weeks. We slowly walked all the day long. After being back at home, we put the food in the fridge, at least the most important and we immediately went to the park as Hinode promised.

            - Is that good ?
            - YES ! Thanks Hinode ! Big bro, what flavor did you take ?
            - Hm? Chocolate-Strawberry. What about you ?

Hinode was the first to answer.

            - Vanilla-Caramel-Chocolate-Raspberry ! So good~
            - (Who the hell takes four flavors of icecream … It could fall at any moment from the cone, you idiot …)

And then, Hinata did.

            - I take a Double-Strawberry big bro ! Hinode is so~ nice to pay !

The three of us then smiled. Hinode clearly was happy.

            - Nah ! That's nothing !

At 8 P.M., we were at home. Today was a good day and everyone seemed happy. After preparing the dinner, the three of us then jumped of the couch. I then turned on the TV and we started eating.

            - What should we watch ?
            - Well, we should let Hinata choose ! Don't you agree Ku-chan ?
            - … Hinata ! Choose.
            - Let's watch Bura Tama !! (ぶら霊 Cazh Soul)
            - Sure. 

Bura Tama was an old show first created by an old Spirit Medium called Don Kanonji. He died long ago because of old age but some newbies followed in his Footsteps. After that, we stayed a few hours watching TV and then it was time for Hinata to sleep. 

            - Goodnight Hinata.
            - Goodnight Big Bro ! 
            - Have sweet dreams. 
            - Hm ! You too.

With those words, Hinata finally fell sleep. It was past 11 P.M. Hinode and I then went to the Kitchen as every night to talk a bit, while drinking one or two cups of coffee.

            - What a peaceful day, hm~ ?
            - Yeah, I missed them too.
            - During your "Trip" right ?
            - Yeah, my trip, Haha.

During one minute or two, no one of us speaked. We just relaxed while drinking.

            - We're looking like a family uh ?
            - … EH ?! 
            - You, the Father, Hinata the Daughter and me the Mother. Hehe~
            - What are you saying, Dumbass !
            - Just ki~dding !

Our conversation was more or less the same for about one hour. Then, the two of us went to our bed. Hinode now was sleeping in my mother's bed.

            - Goodnight Hinode.
            - Goodnight Ku-chan.

And then, we turned off the lights. It was the end of another day. The next day was more or less the same. Another Zoo opened at about 15 minutes. I took my mother's car and we went. Hinata and Hinode's happiness made mine too. Were my days as Shinigami off ? I actually didn't care.

            - Ku-chan, tomorrow you'll go to the hairdresser !
            - W-What ?
            - It's too damn long. It's an order.
            - …

And then, the following day, we went. My beautiful mane didn't changed that much. I kept my spiky hair. I kept my auburn color. However, they weren't as long as before. 

            - … It's too short
            - Nope.

Hinode was standing aside of me with a dumb smile.

            - I hate you.
            - I don't care.

My strands of hair clearly were shorter. Until now, they ended about the bottom of my nose. Now they barely were under my eyes. Though Hinode also wanted to change my whole haircut, I, at least, managed to keep it.

            - Well, Let's keep going Ku-chan ! Let's show to the world your wonderful hair !

After paying for my new "Haircut" we went outside and we wandered around the city for about one hour to finally sit on a bench.

            - Oh ? It's already that late ? We should go home ! Hinata will be worried !
            - Yes you're right. And I'm hungry too …
            - … Ku-chan. 
            - Hm ?
            - You'll be the one to make the dinner this time !

Hinode quickly stood up before running in the direction of my house, while laughing.

            - H-Hey ! 
            - The last person to get home will make dinner, so~rry ! Hahaha !
            - Tch …

When I was about to follow her, I noticed something red of my shoulder.

            - Hm ? Blood ? That's not mine.       

I took a quick glance at the sky before looking back at my shoulder.

            - Where does it come from ...

BLEACH OC. Fan Story. SKurasa
BLEACHreborn Vol.04 - Allstars and Staff by SKurasa
BLEACHreborn Vol.04 - Allstars and Staff
Each 9 chapters, with the Volume Cover and the Commentary & Sketches, I'll add a Allstars & Staff page. It shows to the reader who the main character of the 9 chapters are. It also allows me to thanks all the people helping me with this project. The Staff part is from SKurasa while the Allstars part is from titekame please take a look at her gallery.
BLEACHreborn Vol.04 Commentary and Sketches by SKurasa
BLEACHreborn Vol.04 Commentary and Sketches
Each 9 chapters, with the Volume Cover and the Allstars & Staff, I'll add a Commentary & Sketches page. The first part is my personnal commentary about the 9 past weeks with the second part is 9 sketches linked to the chapters. The author commentary is from SKurasa while the sketches are from Tommo2304 please take a look at his gallery.
BLEACHreborn Vol.04 - Revenge by SKurasa
BLEACHreborn Vol.04 - Revenge
Volume Cover :
Each 9 chapters, I'll submit a Volume Cover with one of the most important characters of the chapters, including a poem more or less related to the character too.
Sorry for the late! Here's the barbarian of the 4th Volume! The one able to fight on par with the strongest, Shikei!

BLEACH OC. Fan Story. SKurasa

BACK! BLEACHreborn returns!!

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 22, 2014, 3:05 PM
I'm back! Sunday, I'm back!!
As those who follows maybe noticed, the 3 specials chapters aren't there! 

Cause of personal reasons, I simply couldn't make them in time.
So, next week, BLEACHreborn main story will return. And of course, the Special Side-story will be delayed! 

I'll give my best to post BLEACHreborn's week chapter, the Commissions AND the Underground Fire Tale!!

In the other hand, my holidays were great! Sun, beach etc. Those 15 days allowed me to rest a bit, gladly!! 

ANYWAY! I'm back! Prepare yourselves!!!


BLEACH "Sketches"
Sketch - Need to rest, are you coming with me ? by SKurasa
Headshot : 5$
Waist-up : 10$
Add. Chara. (Max.3) : 3$

BLEACH "Colored Sketches"

BLEACHreborn. Spring Brings Love by SKurasa
Headshot : 10$
Waist-up : 15$
Add. Chara. (Max.3) : 5$

You can COMMENT or NOTE ME if you're interested!

1st slot
Commissioner : RonniDenisee
Commission : Colored Sketch - Waist-Up (+1 Chara)

2nd slot
Commissioner : MrB1ank
Commission : Colored Sketch - Waist Up (+1 Chara)

3rd slot
Commissioner : AdachiAmeFlujo-vamp
Commission : Colored Sketch - Waist Up

4th slot
Commissioner : mac-cheese13
Commission : Sketch

5th slot
Commissioner : Zanpakuto-Leader
Commission : 

6th slot
Commissioner : ziginz
Commission : Colored Sketch - Waist Up

7th slot
Commissioner : SentanaBentara
Commission : Colored Sketch - Waist Up

8th slot
Commissioner : LadyLifdis 
Commission :


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